jeudi 9 mars 2017

épiphanie retontie de j'sais pas où

(C'est un re-post, en anglais cette fois. C'est sombre mais magnifique)

"Surely you must have thought a great deal of us, of what we built together, of how mindlessly we destroyed the structure and the beauty but yet could not destroy the memory of that beauty. It has been this which has haunted me day and night. Turning I see us in a hundred places with a hundred smiles. I come into a street, and you are there. I creep at night to bed and you are waiting for me. What is there in life besides the person whom one adores and the life one can build with that person? For the first time I understand the meaning of suicide... God, how pointless and empty the world is! Days with cheap and tarnished moments succeed each other, restless and haunted nights follow in bitter routine: the sun shines without brightness, and the moon rises without light. My heart has the taste of ashes, and my throat is tight and weary with weeping. What is a lost soul? It is one that has turned from its true path and is groping in the darkness of remembered ways."
- Malcolm Lowry, Under the volcano

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  1. "Place me where the ocean breaks with angry roar,
    Or where the waters lie serene and calm,
    Place me wherever sun shoots sparks that scorch
    Or where the ice pierces with sharpest pain,
    Place me beside the frozen Don, by Ganges
    Where the sweet dew and manna are distilled,
    Or where the bitter air sparkles with poison,
    Wherever people live and cry for love.
    Place me where cruel, heartless Scythians strike,
    Or where the people live in peace and quiet,
    Or where one lives and dies, too soon, too late,
    I shall live as I've lived, be what I've been,
    As long as my two faithful stars still shine,
    And will mot turn their light away from me.


    Love has made me such that I live on fire
    like a new salamander on earth
    or like the rare creature, the Phoenix,
    who expires and rises at the same time."

    ~ Gaspara Stampa

  2. "Life has made me such that I live in fire"

  3. Elle est malade la citation hein!? Ça me donne envie de me retaper son bouquin au complet, mais m'a attendre qui fasse chaud bouillant cuisant, ça prend de l'ocre tout autour pour lire ça.

    Te dire à quel point je savais pas c'était qui Gaspara Stampa (et je ne sais pas tu sors ça d'où ;) mais j'aime beaucoup, merci pour le partage.

  4. Malade est très juste.
    Merci à toi!

    (C'est mon amie Shirin qui m'a fait découvrir Gaspara Stampa.)